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Opera Solutions started with an entrepreneurial spirit and a vision of how data would forever change the way the world does business. See how we grew to become a global leader in machine-learning science and advanced analytics.
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Here, you’ll find the latest blog posts and commentary from our top thought leaders. Data scientists, business analysts, marketing professionals, and our founder offer their insights on the most recent developments in Big Data.

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Opera Solutions’ Signal Hub is a production system that manages all of the workflows and analytics necessary to extract valuable Signals from Big Data and deploy them to a variety of end-­user applications. Our unique approach makes the world’s finite number of machine-­learning data scientists more efficient by eliminating the majority of their time spent collecting, transforming, and preparing raw data for analysis.

A Signal Hub makes Big Data analytics more accessible to more users throughout the enterprise. By managing and deploying Signals (rather than data), we enable data science solutions that are better, faster, and cheaper than alternative technologies. Learn more.