Opera Solutions Government Services
A critical resource for governments at all levels.

Opera Solutions Government Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Opera Solutions, LLC, which has been designated a Minority-Owned Firm by the State of New Jersey, the State of New York, the State of Delaware, the State of Virginia, the State of Massachusetts, the City of New York, the City of Philadelphia, and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Opera Solutions is also a member of the New York & New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council, the Greater New England Minority Supplier Development Council, and the Southern California Minority Business Development Council.

Opera Solutions has been awarded the following US federal government General Services Administration (GSA) contracts: IT-70 Contract Number GS-35F-0458X, to provide government agencies with Information Technology software, specifically: SIN 132-32: Term Software Licenses and SIN 132-52: Electronic Commerce (EC) and Subscription Services for our data analytics service provided on a performance-based fee schedule; and Financial and Business Solutions (FABS) Contract Number GS-23F-0006X, to provide government agencies with due diligence & support, financial management, risk assessment and risk mitigation, and program management services, specifically: SIN 520-3: Due Diligence & Support, SIN 520-13: Complementary Financial Management Services, SIN 520-17: Risk Assessment and Mitigation Services, and SIN 520-21: Program Management Services.

Opera Solutions and Opera Solutions Government Services are Equal Opportunity Employers.